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Trials carries

Trials carries

Since the release of pinnacle of PVP I.e. the Trials of Osiris, every gamer dreams of winning the exclusive rewards in the Lighthouse and showing off their title among other gamers.

Guided Gaming Services are here to help you live this dream in reality. No doubt it’s one of the challenging part of the game but our professional gamers can find solutions and have unique strategies to help you rule the Trials of Osiris magnificently.

Can’t find a competent team member or stuck in winning the flawless trial passage we can help!


Every weekend, players can find Saint-14 in Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris. In this PVP mode, where two teams of 3 players each compete. Players who manage to make seven wins with the loss of zero can go to the Lighthouse Social Space on Mercury. The rewards that can be earned there are special and unique such as armor glow and a special emblem etc.

The passages can be bought from Saint-14. If you lose thrice on a certain massage you will have to repurchase another one. One passage can be used at a time. When a new passage is bought the previous passage will be reset by default.

We offer one of the ultimate best Trial carries service for Destiny 2 of all time.

You can Gain:

With our Trials of Osiris carries you can enjoy the following amazing perks.

  • Flawless completion of Trials of Osiris I.e. (7-0).
  • Cleared passages of your choice.
  • Can achieve unique Trials of Osiris Ghost and Trials of Osiris Sparrow.
  • Pinnacle rewards and the legendary gears that will be offered during the service.
  • Reward pool changes every week. You can get special armor glow for any of your Trials of Osiris armor.
  • You can get pieces of gears, weapons, trial emblems and much more.
  • We do not support the use of VPN and the service is performed by dedicated players only.

Basic Requirements:

  1. The minimum requirement is 1260 base power.
  2. 25,000 glimmers per flawless card are required.
  3. 50 kills in the Crucible.

You can avail our Trial access service at extremely affordable rates. If you have a lower power level we can boost your power level. Clear Mercy Passage to unlock Wealth, Wisdom, Confidence Passages. Unlock your passages with our one flawless run and then the other.

The Way Our Service Work:

Firstly you will have to place your order with the services and levels you want to achieve. Once the order is finalized you will receive a link at your given email.

After analyzing your requirements we will assign a compatible guardian to you. Who will look to your needs from there onwards? You can directly chat with your booster to ask for any query.

Once the service has been completed you will be notified on your given contact address. If you will be playing with the booster the time will be arranged as per your convenience.

Still need to know something?

We are professional gamers here to help other professional gamers. Contact Us: https://www.guidedgamingservices.com/contact-us/


Trials carries