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Vex Offensive



  • You need to be of 750+ Power Level
  • You need to have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign
  • You need to have the Shadowkeep DLC and Annual Pass


The Vex Offensive was only available with the Season of Undying.

Unlock the Vex Offensive

  • Complete the quests from Ikora to unlock the Vex Offensive 6 man activity.
    REWARDS: Powerful Rewards (Tier 1) and random Vex Legendary Armor and Weapons

Full Vex Invasion Completion

  • Complete a full clear of a vex invasion on the moon. This requires to kill a tough boss at the end of an invasion.
    REWARDS: Powerful Reward (Tier 2) can be done twice per reset per character

Vex Offensive Completion

  • Complete a run of the Vex Offensive activity.
    REWARDS: Random Vex Legendary Armor and Weapons and Vex Mind Components

Weekly Challenge

  • Complete the weekly challenge for the Vex Offensive activity.
    REWARDS: Powerful Reward (Tier 2)


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