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Upgrading Materials Farming



  • You must be 1335+ Power Level
  • You must have the Beyond Light DLC and all previous releases.


Upgrading Materials Farm

This service is for the acquisition of upgrading materials. The Guided Gaming Service team is here to assist you in you needs.

NOTES: 1) Enhancement Core are obtained from Banshee Daily Bounties and Crucible/Gambit/Vanguard Strikes. Please ensure you have NOT completed Banshee Bounties during the week you request.
2) The maximum number of Enhancement Prisms allowed is 50 on each character (total of 150) and 50 in your postmaster.
3) The maximum number of Ascendant Shards allowed is 10 on each character (total of 30) and 10 in your postmaster.
4) We may need to use Glimmer to convert obtained materials into desired ones (i.e. 50,000 Glimmer to convert Enhancement Prisms in Ascendant Shards)

2 reviews for Upgrading Materials Farming

  1. psa***** (verified owner)

    Ironfists is the best Sherpa I have ever dealt with! Love the service and so professional!

  2. psa***** (verified owner)

    Another order flawlessly executed! IronFists is great!

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