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Trials of Osiris


Trials Flawless Boosts & Carries

We can help you complete the hardest Trials of Osiris challenge, so you can:

  • Get flawless 7-0 Trial card(s)
  • Receive all of the gear and rewards that might drop during this service



  • Must be 1521+ Base Power Level (If not, additional fee required)
  • Must have the Passage of Mercy or 25,000 Glimmer to purchase the Passage.


Trials of Osiris is a popular elimination game mode in Destiny. It consists of 5-9 rounds between two teams of three players, and was a major highlight of Destiny 1. We are thrilled to hear the beloved game mode is coming back in Destiny 2.

Trials of Osiris ran from Friday-Tuesday each week, until Destiny would reset their servers. During this time, three-person teams would work together to overtake their foes. In addition, players who participated in the event could acquire a variety of different rewards. Finally, players can expect theme-related armor, weapons, and much more coming to the mix when Trials go live.

In the original Trials, those who acquired nine wins and zero losses were given the chance to travel to the Lighthouse on Mercury, where they received exclusive compensation for their hard work. When players went flawless, the exclusive armor gave off special animation and colors so all other players knew who had a solid weekend in Trials.

67 reviews for Trials of Osiris

  1. Cha***** (verified owner)

    “Wohpe” all I have to say is… You were fast as f*ck to get that flawless. Thanks for that recov 🙂

  2. Dar***** (verified owner)

    IronFists was awesome with my order. Was completed fast and efficient. Generally surprised someone could take my under-powered character to the Lighthouse, but he did. Great job guys!

  3. Meo***** (verified owner)

    Massacre was just that, a gd massacre. Dude stepped in and politely slaughtered every one of those poor children on spring break. It was beautiful! 10/10 would ride that lightning again.

  4. kda***** (verified owner)

    As a noob in PVP I got the recovery service and let me say it was 100% worth it. The order was completed really quickly and it’s also safe. I strongly recommend it

  5. Bra***** (verified owner)

    IronFists once again just slayed and got this done fast. I would highly recommend IronFists for your Trials runs if you need it done fast and quick. He has great communication and give him a 10/10.

  6. Suk***** (verified owner)

    Awesome communication very friendly and quick turnaround 0 complaints will you again for my trials grind thankyou

  7. HSV***** (verified owner)

    Awesome! Very quick to get it done. Great communication and will definitely use again

  8. Mod***** (verified owner)


  9. Der***** (verified owner)

    Started the recovery about 20-30 mins after order was placed – completed within the hour. Extremely fast and efficient service!

  10. Sta***** (verified owner)

    First time purchase for recovery and definitely worth it! I had IronFists finish over my order! Excellent!

  11. Wel***** (verified owner)

    I purchased the Red Massacre service and have nothing but good things to say about the services rendered and the team. Communication was constant and professional, and the service was completed within hours of placing the order. I plan to use the service again! Thank you GGS!

  12. Gus***** (verified owner)

    IronFists was able to complete my order even at an extremely underpowered disadvantage, very happy!!!

  13. Ice***** (verified owner)

    HoldnAces did a fast flawless and got me to the lighthouse! Thanks GGS!

  14. Bra***** (verified owner)

    IronFists was awesome once again! It’s great to have such a reliable person that can get things done quickly.

  15. Kyl***** (verified owner)

    Senpei was fast, informative, and very professional!

  16. der***** (verified owner)

    Fast. didn’t mess with my loadouts and got it done. I would recommend these guys to anyone that doesn’t have the time or needs a little help getting what they need in comp.

  17. Mac***** (verified owner)

    Mr. Palet was awesome. I usually hate pvp because I’m not good at it. His team made it very enjoyable and I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks again!

  18. Dar***** (verified owner)

    Karnage ran my order. Was very fast and professional. I’m guessing all went well because I didn’t get any nasty messages in my inbox. LOL. Great job as always. Will be ordering again soon.

  19. sma***** (verified owner)

    Outstanding service. First try. Karnage and IronFists were very professional and will ask for them when I buy again.

  20. Bra***** (verified owner)

    Great service by Karnage on running my trials order. Thank you for the great communication and service. Karnage and IronFists has been awesome and I highly recommend them for getting it done.

  21. Wes***** (verified owner)

    Everyone here is extremely helpful and they always get the job done, thanks again for the help

  22. Dar***** (verified owner)

    Shadeyy ran my order. It was very quick and got my flawless trip to the lighthouse. Looking forward to getting the final piece next week!

  23. Ris***** (verified owner)

    Very fast completion. 100% satisfied.

  24. Bra***** (verified owner)

    Thank you to Massacre for getting my runs in. I would highly recommend Massacre if you need someone who can get your run done quickly and professionally.

  25. Tre***** (verified owner)

    Karnage was the runner for my Flawless Trials. Easy communication, gave heads up prior to start and overall great service. I’ll definitely be recommending this in the future!

  26. Cha***** (verified owner)

    To all of the amazing PvP teams who helped me get this Flawless seal done. Thankyou so much!
    I’ll definitely be coming back to try to get that sparrow again next week.

  27. Pil***** (verified owner)

    Both their PvE and PvP teams are quick and efficient definitely worth the money

  28. Cha***** (verified owner)

    Atrial ran my order. Very fast completion. 100% satisfied.

  29. Bra***** (verified owner)

    I highly recommend IronFists to get things done quick! Always professional and appreciate all the help.

  30. The***** (verified owner)

    Shout out to Ironfists and his team for the flawless run. They did a great job and I would recommend this service to anyone. Fast, Friendly and a good price.

  31. Pin***** (verified owner)

    Thank you to my favorite Sherpa massacre you’re the best.

  32. Dar***** (verified owner)

    Gotta give props as always to IronFists and his team. I didn’t get any good rolls on weapons, but that’s okay. I’m glowing for another week. LOL. Fast, efficient, and no hate mail from people. Way to go guys!

  33. G33***** (verified owner)

    This was done perfectly and efficiently!!!

  34. squ***** (verified owner)

    i was skeptical about doing an account recovery as i normally wouldnt,but credit where its due this was a great service and was done quickly,also the communication with any questions i had was dealt with swiftly and in a friendly manner

  35. blu***** (verified owner)

    Amazing! Very fast order completion. I will definetely come back! Big thanks to Palat! Great job!

  36. Pin***** (verified owner)

    Thanks eddie for getting my flawless☺️

  37. The***** (verified owner)

    Thanks to Ironfists and team for flawless run. This service is excellent and a great price.

  38. Rio***** (verified owner)

    Complete professionals during the entire session! Great communication during the process and was finished in no time. Always highly reliable and would recommend to everyone

  39. The***** (verified owner)

    Thanks to Ironfists and his team for flawless run. Great service.

  40. Jus***** (verified owner)

    I will definetely come back! It was done in no time! THX!

  41. Jus***** (verified owner)

    and again professionaly done! Big THX to “Goated”, till next week!

  42. JBa***** (verified owner)

    My buddy turned me on to the service, I broke my hand a few months back and can do basic things in the game but I really wanted to get my Flawless and complete the Raid but are unable. Luckily two guardians, IronFist and Loko have been able to help me out, these two guys are efficient and pretty good guys! Glad I found the service and if you need something, just ask for either of these guys, you will not be disappointed!! Thanks again guys!

  43. Jus***** (verified owner)

    A+! Big THX to Goated and his friends!

  44. Dar***** (verified owner)

    Awesome job by IronFists and his team. Massacre ran my account and it was quick and professional. Definitely would recommend to anyone sitting on the fence. Just order the run and get to the Lighthouse already!

  45. sat***** (verified owner)

    Love this team to death super professional and really flexible ❤️

  46. The***** (verified owner)

    As usual, great service and fast delivery. Thanks Ironfists for the Flawless.

  47. squ***** (verified owner)

    as per usual a top service…..cant fault,highly recommended.

  48. BOO***** (verified owner)

    GOATED, thank yoi for the speedy recov, just a shame about to terrible role on the trials handcannon

  49. Hun***** (verified owner)

    Very fast and efficient, awesome job!

  50. Cra***** (verified owner)

    MALLOK, MY MAN, mallok did a GREAT JOB and I mean GREAT, he was super nice, helpful, and was even able to collect my bounties in between games and refill them for me, every game! AND got me to flawless so quickly, I mean i don’t think he even had to reset the passage!! 100000% recommend this product, it is worth it every time, and I promise you, on my mama, these people are NOT going to scam you, I was so sketch about any kind of recovs and handing over info to people and giving access to my account, but when I say you can trust these guys, you better believe you can trust them!

  51. jdr***** (verified owner)

    A+ Sav is the best keep me up to date the whole time…thanks brother

  52. Bar***** (verified owner)

    Amazing service and 100% secure. Fast and reliable and would recommend to anyone.

  53. Pri***** (verified owner)

    Order was completed promptly and effectively. The person didn’t read the notes I put for the order to not infuse weapons, cost me a god roll gun, and then tried to hide it by reinfuaing into another one of the guns on paper. Person also linked my account to a separate 3rd party item manager without requesting or communicating.

  54. Dar***** (verified owner)

    IronFists and his team did it again! Very busy weekend for those guys as I’m sure everyone wanted the adept handcannon. Wanted to grind for my sweet “Celerity” roll…and boy, Saint-14 didn’t disappoint. I owe that guy a nice present. Like a nice Thundercrash to his noggin. Look forward to the handcannon becoming the 3-win reward. I’ll grind for the awesome “All-for-One” at that time.

  55. dpk***** (verified owner)

    Having a good K/D isn’t enough for LFG as a returning player I wanted to flaunt that flawless emblem and get into some groups! Goated picked up my order, messaged me through the site and 2 hours after that I was off to the lighthouse. LFG has been friendly since. I sceptical at first but I would definitely do it again. Thanks to Goated and the team

  56. Phi***** (verified owner)

    Amazing service! Great and prompt communication. Fast turnaround. Perfect when you don’t have the skill or time to do it yourself. Will use it again. Thanks.

  57. jdr***** (verified owner)

    Awesome service

  58. Bra***** (verified owner)

    Big shout out to IronFists! Top rate service and highly recommended for getting stuff done. Great communication and thank you for getting me a few nice Adept hand cannons. Request Ironfists and you will be very happy with the service.

  59. Bun***** (verified owner)

    Was told ticket would be done 5 hours before they stopped trials, dude never ran my card.

  60. Red***** (verified owner)

    Mallok and Crazy OR are absolute beast. 11/10

  61. Tiu***** (verified owner)

    11/10 ! Only one hour and job was done!

  62. Dar***** (verified owner)

    IronFists and his team did it again! Completed my trials armor set, and now I have a huge bullseye on my Titan in the Crucible. That’s okay, it was worth it. At least I look good getting two-tapped by some hunter’s rampage Igneous Hammer. I can feel the jealousy. LOL.

  63. jdr***** (verified owner)

    A++ awesome service thanks again

  64. Pin***** (verified owner)

    Thank you to my new favorite Sherpa BOMO!! ☺️

  65. des***** (verified owner)

    Obesetron the GOAT mans got it done so good..i know where Im spending my money…. give this man a promotion or sum

  66. Hun***** (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient! Will order again.

  67. max***** (verified owner)

    Vicious was on point great job!!!!!!

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