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The Sundial



  • You need to have Linked the Obelisk
  • You must be 900+ Power Level
  • You must have Season Pass


Fight back against the Cabal with the Season of Dawn activity, The Sundial!

The Sundial is available in Normal difficulty and will have a heroic version later on. Collect all the new rewards and triumphs!

You must unlock the Sundial by completing the quest “A Matter of Time” from Ikora in the tower.

Obelisks and Rewards

Depending on which obelisks you have linked to the Sundial you get to choose between the different rewards at the end of the activity. You can upgrade the obelisk for more rewards to choose from and you are guaranteed rewards upon completing the Sundial as long as an obelisk is linked. For a list of rewards from the different obelisks check further below.

To upgrade your Obelisks you can complete Bounties and Triumphs to get rewarded with the items needed to rank up your Obelisks.

How does this work?

1. Make sure you have linked the Obelisk related to the weapon you want
– Unlock and upgrade Obelisks for more rewards to choose from.
– The different Obelisks have unique weapons available as rewards.
– Upgrade Obelisks by completing Bounties and Triumphs

2. Select which weapon that you want us to pick for you on completion
– If you haven’t upgraded your obelisk there are 2 weapons to choose from.
– The weapons have random rolls on selection.
– You must have unlocked and linked the Obelisk you select.

There is no limit to how many times you can complete The Sundial and receive rewards.


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