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Solstice of Heroes



  • You must be 1300+ Power Level
  • You must have the Forsaken, Shadowkeep, & Beyond Light DLCs


Solstice of Heroes Seasonal Event

Earn this new armor set by collecting and upgrading the Solstice Armor!

The Solstice of Heroes event brings new amazing looking armor and will be available for upgrades in 3 steps to acquire the fully Upgraded Magnificent armor set. There will also be a new 3 man activity, the EAZ and lots of new items and rewards to collect!

How to acquire the Armor Set and Upgrade it

Once you visit Eva Levante in the tower she will ask you to complete the European Aerial Zone which is the new 3-man matchmade activity. When you have completed this and talk to Eva she will give you the Renewed Armor Set and you can start to work on upgrading the armor.
There are 3 stages of upgrades to each armor set. It starts with the Renewed set you get from Eva that once upgraded turns into the Majestic set. The Majestic set upgrades into the Magnificent set which is the final stage of the upgrade process.

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