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Season Pass Boosting



  • Must Season Pass
  • Must have Shadowkeep DLC
  • Must have Completed Shadowkeep Campaign


Rank up your Season Pass to unlock unique rewards!

For every 100.000 of XP you will rank up your season pass for a total of 100 ranks. Unlock a ton of rewards including armor, weapons, glimmer, materials, emotes, the exotic Scout Rifle “Symmetry” and much much more.


  • Check below for some rewards that stand out.
  • This is just a small amount of the rewards you can earn from the season pass.

    Rank 30

    Pyroclastic Flow

    Rank 35


    Rank 45

    Trophy Hunter


    Rank 90

    Saintly Shell

    Rank 99

    Pigeon Feed

    Rank 100

    Skyline Constellation

    Rank 60, 70

    Enhancement Prism

    Rank 25, 60, 65, 74, 98

    Exotic Engram

    Rank 85 and 94

    Ascendant Shard


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