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The Mountaintop – Full Weapon Quest-line

  • Our team will sign on to your account and complete all steps to get you The Mountaintop.
  • Requirements: Must have the weapon questline. Must have an equippable Grenade Launcher.


Weapon Questline

The Mountaintop is a new pinnacle weapon that was released with season 5. This Lightweight Grenade Launcher is acquired after completing a questline in Crucible given by Lord Shaxx and comes with a unique perk called “Micro-Missile”. The Mountaintop`s projectile instantly detonates on the environment instead of bouncing like a traditional grenade launcher, unless you have Sticky Grenades selected. It is the only Lightweight Grenade Launcher with the Sticky Grenades perk option.

The Mountaintop is a Legendary / Kinetic / Grenade Launcher with Lightweight Frame and the special perk Micro-Missile.

Micro-Missile – This weapon fires in a straight line and has a massively increased projectile speed.

The Mountaintop Questline consists of the following steps:

To earn The Mountaintop you need to complete several steps. The quest is extensive and consists of the following steps:

  1. Reach Glory rank “Brave” within a season.
  2. Complete objectives in the Crucible. The objectives are as follows:
    – In the Crucible, earn Grenade Launcher final blows.
    (REQUIREMENTMust have an equippable Grenade Launcher.)
    – Rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents.
    (REQUIREMENTMust have an equippable Grenade Launcher.)
    – Earn Calculated Trajectory medals.
    (REQUIREMENTMust have an equippable Grenade Launcher.)
  3. Reach Glory rank “Fabled” within a season.


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