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Legendary Gear Farm


Outriders Legendary Farm will get you:

  • Desired amount of Legendary items
  • Other valuable weapons and gear that drops during boost
  • Some possible unlocks and achievements

Service Description:

  • Service is only available on PC (until cross-play is resolved)
  • You must have at least Challenge Tier 10 unlocked. If you don’t have it, you can order Expedition Tiers Unlocked service
  • All Legendary items dropped during the boost counts towards completion. Regardless of their type and whether or not you already have same Legendary. We cannot control what legendary you get.
  • * – Legendary Farm provided via “Piloted” method (Account-Sharing) or “Carry” method (you will play with our team). Please note that Carry requires following directions and contribution to team effort during the service.
  • We’ll use VPN of your country for additional account protection (PC only)
  • No bots, cheats, hacks, programs or scripts used in the process. Only manual work.
  • Streaming on demand


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