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Gear Boost


Outriders Gear Boost will get you:

  • All weapon and armor slots of chosen level or higher of purple+ quality suitable for your class and build (outline your build in Notes section on checkout)
  • All other valuable weapons and gear that drop during boost
  • Some mods unlocked in the process
  • Resources farmed during the boost
  • Challenge (Expeditions) Tiers unlock, based on chosen Gear Level: Tier 8+ for Gear 40+,  Tier 11+ for Gear 44+, Tier 13+ for Gear 47+, Tier 15 for Gear 50

Service Description:

  • Service is currently available only on PC and will be available on consoles (once cross-play is resolved).
  • Please note, that even though gear will be optimized for your class and build, we do NOT guarantee exact stats on every item
  • Mods unlock quantity and optimization level may vary due to RNG, but in general you will get more and better mods unlocked when ordering higher Gear Level Boost
  • Only “Piloted” method is available for this offer (Account-Sharing)
  • We’ll use VPN of your country for additional account protection (PC only)
  • No bots, cheats, hacks, programs or scripts used in the process. Only manual work.
  • Streaming on demand
  • Estimated completion time depends on chosen Gear Level (contact Customer Service for estimated time of completion).


  • Level 30 character with completed Campaign


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