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Garden of Salvation



  • You must be 920+ Power Level
  • You must have Unlocked the raid
  • You must have the Shadowkeep DLC
  • You must be on quest step “Key to Divinity” for exotic quest completion


Season of the Undying is here and with it a new raid, the Garden of Salvation!

To unlock the new raid you will first have to complete A Mysterious Disturbance, the beginning of the Shadowkeep campaign to unlock the moon. This will have to be completed once per character for that character to have access to the new raid.

We also offer a checkpoint service for the final boss of the raid.

Weekly Raid Challenge

The weekly raid challenge can be completed if the option is selected.   It unlocks a Triumph required for the Enlightened title and will also give a Powerful Reward from the raid loot pool.

Each challenge can only be completed once per character every reset.


All rewards are completely RNG and not guaranteed.

  • Boss drops will reward Powerful raid rewards at a higher level.
  • Unique Armor and Weapon drops.
  • Raid completion emblem: Inherent Truth

18 reviews for Garden of Salvation

  1. ric***** (verified owner)

    Guys did a great job getting my 3 raids knocked out quickly and efficiently. Thanks VERY much!

  2. Rai***** (verified owner)

    Three runs done for all the toons I was looking to get completed. They knocked them out very quickly and very professional. Great job guys!

  3. swc***** (verified owner)

    These guys were quick! Best service by far and always willing to work with me. Highly recommend!

  4. swc***** (verified owner)

    quick and easy thanks guys!

  5. swc***** (verified owner)

    Thanks guys!

  6. swc***** (verified owner)

    Quick and easy!

  7. Jar***** (verified owner)

    Devin and thirteen where great and do a wonderful job amazing

  8. Jar***** (verified owner)

    Vex is great and quick. Amazing player

  9. Jar***** (verified owner)

    Ves amazing player and great service

  10. Jar***** (verified owner)

    Zader is great quick and professional

  11. swc***** (verified owner)

    Big thanks to Curtis Larry Kyle Daniel and Senei for gettin this done for me! you guys were great!

  12. swc***** (verified owner)

    big thanks to curtis larry kyle daniel and sensei for getting this done for me!

  13. Cha***** (verified owner)

    Big thumbs up to Sensei & his team for the raid clear plus challenge

  14. swc***** (verified owner)

    Got my raids done quickly! Very good at what they do!

  15. Bra***** (verified owner)

    One minute Ironfists tells me he starting and in record time I am being told it’s completed. Ironfists rocks! Highlu recommended. Thanks again

  16. swc***** (verified owner)

    Ty did a great job was quick and efficient

  17. Dar***** (verified owner)

    Awesome job by IronFists and his team! Finally got the handcannon I was missing from my collections. Look forward to getting more runs for different rolls. Thanks GGS!

  18. Dar***** (verified owner)

    You know when you think you clicked Deep Stone Crypt, but actually clicked Garden of Salvation? Yeah…but, that wasn’t ME baby. I wanted the sweet, sweet handcannon and I got it. Thanks to IronFists and his team for getting me my precious loot.

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