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Eagle Bearer (Guaranteed)



  • Minimum 490 Gear Score
  • Have Optimized Load out


Eagle Bearer

This weapon can only be obtained from the 1st Division 2 raid: Operation Dark Hours. It is currently one of, if not the MOST sought out weapon in the game due to it’s incredible capabilities.


Weapon Talents

Eagle’s Strike

Accuracy increases up to 100% as you continuously fire, headshot kills grant an additional 100% to reload speed, +35% damage, and Tenacity is buffed for 10 seconds. This perk also boosts the strength of Tenacity by 1% for body shots and 5% for headshots.


20-80% of damage taken is delayed until the buff expires.

Protected Fire

While the Eagle Bearer is holstered, you’ll gain 10% bonus armor while firing your current weapon.

7 reviews for Eagle Bearer (Guaranteed)

  1. Cou***** (verified owner)

    Great service I would recommend To anyone trying to go after this weapon. I would definitely come back

  2. Cam***** (verified owner)

    Great service. All of you are phenomenal!

  3. Rei***** (verified owner)

    Good service

  4. Jei***** (verified owner)

    If you’re having trouble getting the Eagle Bearer, GGS can help you. Rey put in the time and effort needed to get me the one exotic weapon I’ve wanted for a long time. Thanks again!

  5. swc***** (verified owner)

    Ironfists and his guys were great! I even leveled another character to give myself more chances and they took the weaker character and made it work! Great job guys

  6. KoA***** (verified owner)

    I ran with the GGS team under Big Vic’s leadership and it was a great experience. The team worked with my schedule to find the right time to run the raid together. As part of the service, they helped me create a raid ready build and explained all of the core game mechanics to me. I really enjoyed the game play as everyone was super patient and nice. I’d run with these guys again and thanks a million GGS for the EB.

  7. WAY***** (verified owner)

    at first was a bit scared incase of getting scammed but made the leap of faith and ironfist was great help and chatting to him made all the difference in trusting him and great work guys definitely be coming back and got my EB happy as hell

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