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Once you place an order, it is logged in our system and into a queue.  We will use the contact info you provided to contact you before we sign onto your account or coordinate the best date/time to conduct your carry/coaching. Our preferred contact methods are

  1. text messaging or
  2. an actual phone call, or
  3. via email.

Once we are on your account, you will receive periodic updates on the progression of your order until complete. Once completed, you will be contacted in the same manner as before.

Depending on the service level, you order(s) will be completed within 4 to 6 hours for VIP orders, 6 to 12 hours for Priority Level orders, and within 24 hours for standard orders.

Yes, we have streaming capabilities for every platform. Select the streaming option at the checkout page to have it fulfilled.

Yes, you can make corrections even after your order has been placed. Either notify the booster/coacher and they will relay to our Customer Service department or directly contact our Customer Service/Support section.

Not only is 100 percent customer satisfaction our ultimate goal but client confidentiality and client security are of the upmost importance. Every booster/coacher on our staff has been through a thorough interview, background check, and has signed a legal contract stating those activities are not permitted while working for our company. As an added layer of security and peace of mind, we make it MANDATORY that clients change their password after every order conducted.

Currently, PayPal is the only form of payment we accept.

Yes, we offer discounts from time to time. Also, each booster/coacher has their own specific discount code (at their discretion) for returning customers.

Unfortunately no, you cannot have two people logged in on an account simultaneously (even with cross save enabled). If you sign-in while one of our staff are conducting your order it will inevitably sign them off the account and they will not resume until you are notified again to figure out the best time to resume the process. Some orders make take multiple days to complete and will require multiple sessions and we are always flexible to work around your schedule. Orders can always be paused and resumed later during your downtime so that you can still complete other personal objectives.

Occasionally, as the demand for services increases so does our staff. See the Careers section, fill out an application, and an administrator will get in contact with you if you meet our criteria.